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Find a Washington State Certified Public Accountant

Use filters below to verify credentials and search disciplinary history for Certified Public Accountants, CPA-Inactive Certificateholders, and Non-Licensee Firm Owners licensed in Washington state. This information is provided by the Washington State Board of Accountancy, a consumer protection agency that qualifies and monitors the professional performance and ethical behavior of  their licensees. Data covers credentialed individuals from 1903 to the present, and is updated daily.
To find credentialed individuals with Board Orders, click the Board Order column header, and all orders will be sorted at the top. If you've already sorted the column, you may need to click more than once until you see the orders displayed at the top once more.

For more information about this data, visit Washington State Certified Public Accountants. The Board does not guarantee the use of this information for any purpose and as such, the information obtained from this database should not be considered an official endorsement of any individual or firm.
To inquire about any disciplinary actions taken against an individual or firm, please contact enforcement at (360) 664-9266. For all other inquiries, please contact customer service at (360) 753-2586 or customerservice@acb.wa.gov. For more information about the complaint process, please visit the Board's Complaints webpage.