Data for Agriculture

Farms have always used data

From a meeting at WSU Prosser: sometimes the best data comes in a notebook.

Government has always provided data

Agricultural extension service, etc.
  • Weather
  • Crops and land use
  • Soils
  • Water rights
  • Fire

Crops and land use

From, the state's geospatial portal


From historical comparisons to climate forecasts


Bore holes and subsurface science from DNR

Water rights

One of the more popular state open data offerings - water rights applications map.


Multi-state wildfire incident map from Inciweb

But today the farm's data is local

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  • Field-specific yield numbers
  • Drone aerial imagery
  • Instrumentation
  • Data Management services

WSU Weather Dash

Advanced weather dashboard from WSU

Instrumentation for the Farm

From, a Grant county ISP that turned into a technology incubator
“Humanity must now produce more food in the next four decades than we have in the last 8,000 years of agriculture combined. And we must do so sustainably.” (World Wildlife Fund)
Precision weather from Eltopia

Aerial imagery by drone

Some co-ops and many farms are now flying their own aerial imagery with thermal capacity.  This means gigabytes of data for each flight
from DroneEnthusiast

Data management for farms

from a meeting with Vantage PNW in March 2018 local Lincon County companies developing  data services for the farm.
"It's not so much the equipment, it's the data that comes from it to the office"
Vantage PNW data management image
OCIO-Will Saunders
Open Data program manager for the Office of Privacy and Data Protection