Statewide R User Group

June 2020 Meeting Agenda

-Welcome, tech, recording (Jack)
-Goals & purpose of the group (Will)
-From Excel to R an illustrative example  (Alon)
-Good ways to learn R (Will)
-R + OCR to automate business (Ian)
-Open Discussion: R and next steps for the R user group
R logo

ECY - Jack Janisch
Watershed Health Monitoring Database Coordinator   360-407-6649
whiteboard with boxes for concepts: what is a community of practice?
whiteboard with concept boxes: communities are difficult to cultivate
WSDOT - Ian Wesley
Builder of very cool data things at WSDOT.

WSDOT transit's Github

Ian and Alon work with the Github site linked below to post code for their R projects.  The image is a hyperlink to Github.

snapshot of Github page showing repositories
excel logo with bidirectional arrows to R logo

From Excel to R: an Illustrative example

Alon Bassok

DOL - Will Saunders
Privacy & Data Stewardship Administrator at Department of Licensing.   360-902-0104 

Goals / Purpose

Will Saunders, DOL
  1. Show off good stuff done in R
  2. Learn how to do new stuff
  3. Put it into practice at work
  4. Discuss with colleagues
  5. Repeat as time allows

Cycle: Show Learn Practice Discuss

Good ways to learn R

Will Saunders, DOL
Suggested resources for learning the basics of R, from (and for) a quasi-technical guy who last coded in 1980's Pascal...

What should I study next?

The table before is an open dataset on Got suggestions? add to the list with this form.

school age child sitting with feet up on a clean desk with a telescope and papers

R + Open Source OCR to automate business

Ian Wesley, WSDOT

Next Steps for the User Group

"discussion..."  uh... does that mean I have to talk?
Well, you're still here, so what would be good to do next?
Meet (virtually) again?
Got a good demo to show?
Got a project or practice idea?
Blackboard with hand and arrows up, straight, down