New and Notable Data projects

A rolling showcase of data projects from Washington state agencies and their partners, including projects from,, and agency websites.

WSU Aerial Drone Imagery

Washington State University uses Unmanned Aerial Systems ("drones") to manage and plan facilities for the Pullman campus, and their imagery is posted (with geocoding) to this cool application.

Juvenile Justice Dashboard

The purpose of this dashboard from ERDC is to provide information about the high school, postsecondary education (enrollment, persistence, completion) and workforce (hours worked, wages) outcomes of students that are involved in the juvenile justice system.
The data for the reports is published on and comes from many sources including:
  • OSPI P210 Enrollment Summary for information about high school graduates
  • State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) for enrollment and completions data for Washington Community and Technical Colleges (2-year institutions)
  • PCHEES system for enrollment and completions data for Washington public 4-year institutions
  • National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment and completions data for private and out-of-state institutions;
  • WA State Employment Security Department for information about workforce outcomes;
  • WA State Administrative Office of the Courts for information about justice involvement.

Electric Vehicles

Department of Licensing is now publishing data about electric vehicle adoption in Washington.  There's a map, plus various views like the one at right, and a search tool that lets you filter, count and explore the data quickly.

Traffic Safety Dashboards

Traffic Safety Commission is publishing some great dashboards built in Tableau. They are all presented in the Commisison's website under Research & Data.

Interactive budget -  LEAP publishes all the data about all the versions of all the state budgets each and every year. This year visualizations make it easier to understand the big chunks and the different versions as legislative session progresses.  Click the image at the right to see the visuals. budget visualization

Governor's Budget - interactive

The Governor's budget has a great dashboard this year from OFM. It's great at showing the relative size of new commitments.  Select an area of government from the short list at the top, and the break-out details below will show the budget impacts by agency and policy. Click the image at right to explore.
budget visualization from OFM

Prescriptions and Opioids

Department of Health tracks and publishes data on prescription drugs, opioids and overdoses in this great Tableau visualization. The raw data is available here on, or see this report dashboard, built with Leaflet maps.
opioid awareness dashboard from DOH

US Wildfire Reports map

an interactive map of US wildfire locations, perimeters, fire potential areas, global burn areas, wind conditions, and precipitation via streaming data from NIFC, GeoMAC, NHSS, MODIS, METAR/TAF, and the USDA Forest Service, Fire Modeling Institute. See the real-time effects of the fires via social media posts.
wildfire map from ESRI

WSAC's STEM dashboard

The Washington Student Achievement Council and the Governor's STEM Innovation alliance publish a great dashboard, displaying data for Washington’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Talent Supply and Demand to help Washington track its progress in fueling a strong and vibrant economy in the state.
column chart of student exam scores from WSAC

Multi-agency listing of funding availability data for projects related to salmon and waters.  Includes eligibility requirements, a calendar view, and links to all the particulars.
FundFinder sponsor logos

WSDOT Crash Data

Combines multiple sources of crash data to build reports on crashes by cause, year and road. CrashDataPortal
image of car crash with title

FCC's map of complaints

The Federal Communications Commisison publishes the basic data on its consumer complaints.

Top 20 Consumer Complaints

The Washington State Attorney General tracks consumer complaints on an ongoing basis and posts the data here, to  You can file a complaint on the ATG website; click here.